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    Xiong Guangming



    Associate Professor


    School of Mechanical Engineering


    Vehicle Engineering


    Room 302, Vehicle Experiment building, Beijing Institute of Technology







    Research and Teaching Interest

    The research area is the theory and method of intelligent vehicle system, the research direction mainly includes: unmanned vehicle, vehicle auxiliary driving, vehicle remote control technology, multi-platform / robot coordinated control, unmanned vehicle intelligent behavior evaluation and test technology.

    Selected Publications and patents

    Song WL, Dolan JM, Cline D, Xiong GM*.Learning Based Algal Bloom Event Recognition for Oceanographic Decision Support System Using Remote Sensing Data. Remote Sensing, 2015710:1356413585.

    Xiong Guangming, Li Yong, Wang Shiyuan. Behavior Prediction and Control Method Based on FSM for Intelligent Vehicles in an Intersection. Journal of Beijing Institute of Technology2015,35(1):84-88 (in Chinese)

    Xiong Guangming *, Li Xiaoyun, Zhou Shuai, Lu Hao, Jiang Yan and Gong Jianwei. Incorporating Bidirectional Heuristic Search and Improved ACO in Route PlanningInternational Journal of Hybrid Information Technology2015,8(7):189-198

    Jiang, Y.; Xiong, G*.; Chen, H.; Lee, D.-J.  Incorporating a Wheeled Vehicle Model in a New Monocular Visual Odometry Algorithm for Dynamic Outdoor Environments. Sensors 2014, 14, 16159-16180.

    Sun YangXiong Guangming *Song Weilong Gong Jianweiand Chen Huiyan, Test and Evaluation of Autonomous Ground Vehicles, Advances in Mechanical Engineering, vol. 2014, Article ID 681326, 13 pages, 2014. doi:10.1155/2014/681326.

    Xiong Guangming, Li Yong, Wang Shiyuan, Li Xiaoyun and Liu Peng, HMM and HSS Based Social Behavior of Intelligent Vehicles for Freeway Entrance Ramp, International Journal of Control and Automation,Vol.7, No.10 (2014), pp.79-90

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    Xiong Guangming, Ding Huarong, Gong Jianwei, Zhao Xijun, Jiang Yan, Chen Huiyan.Control method for a remote control pilot of vehiclespatent, ZL201210199194.3 (in Chinese)

    Xiong Guangming, Sun Yang, Song Weilong, Chen Huiyan. Automatic analysis and processing method of automatic scoring for unmanned vehiclepatent, ZL 2012 1 0199750.7 (in Chinese)

    Xiong Guangming, Ding Huarong, Zhai Yong, Gong Jianwei, Chen Huiyan. A remote control pilot for vehiclespatent, ZL 2012 1 0200345.2 (in Chinese)

    Xiong Guangming, Li Yong, Zhou Shuai, Chen Huiyan. Automatic test system and test method for pedestrian crossing the roadpatent,  ZL201310121594.7      (in Chinese)

    Xiong Guangming, Gong Jianwei, Liu Peng, Li Yong, Chen Huiyan. A non-contact type unmanned vehicle traveling state measurement system and measurement methodpatent, ZL 2013 1 0120832.2     (in Chinese)

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