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  • Xiao Dingguo



    Xiao Dingguo



    Associate Professor / Graduate Tutor


    School of Mechanical Engineering


    Manufacturing Engineering


    Room 202, Teaching Building Number 1, Beijing Institute of Technology







    Research and Teaching Interest

    Mainly work on teaching and research in mechanical design and manufacturing, ultrasonic measurement, geometrical dimension measurement, mechanical motion control and microprocessor based instrument and controller building principles and techniques.

    From the education and the significant technical work experiences I have gained an integrated theoretical and practical knowledge of mechanical and electronics, and have built great expertise in mechanical system design , in measurement and control system development and in signal and data processing.

    Selected Publications and patents

    Luo ZhiwenZhao WenxiangJiao LiWang XIbinTan FanghaoLiu ZhibingLiang Zhiqiang. The milling force modeling and prediction of end-milling in curve processingJournal Of China Ordnance2015369):1727-1735.

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    Ma Liping, Liang Zhiqiang, Wang Xibin, Zhao Wenxiang, Jiao Li, Liu Zhibin. The effect of tool structure and mechanical performance on M42 high-speed steel with pulsed magnetic treatment . Journal Of Metal, 2015,51:307-314.

    Zhao WenxiangYao HongmingLiang ZhiqiangMa LipingWang XIbinZhou TianfengThe effect of micro-hardness on high-speed tool steel by impulse magnetic fieldJournal Of Beijing Institute Of Technology20143407):661-665.

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    Wang Qiuyan, Zhao Wenxiang, Liang Zhiqiang*, Wang Xibin, Wu Yongbo, Jiao Li. Research on Fractal Characterization in Grinding of Monocrystal Sapphire. Materials Science Forum, 2014, 800-801:186-190.

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    Ma Liping, Liang Zhiqiang*, Wang Xibin, Zhao Wenxiang, Zhou Tianfeng, Yao Hongmin. Effect of Low-frequency Pulsed Magnetic Treatment on Micro-hardness of High Speed Steel[J]. Advanced Materials Research, 2013, 797:663-666.

    Achievements and Awards


    2015, National Defense Technology Invention, the second prize

    2015, Military Science and Technology Progress, the third prize

    Professional Membership/Academic Appointments

    Committeeman, China Electronic Engineering Acdemy, Electronic and Mechanical Branch.

    Committeeman, Chinese Science for Measurement.

    Judger, Certification and Accredidation Administration of the people’s Republic of China