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Beijing Institute of Technology held “Batteries and Management for All-Climate Electric Vehicles” Academic Salon and the Launch Ceremony of International Academic Research Consortium

  From June 9 to June 10, 2018, the first “batteries and management for all-climate electric vehicles” academic salon, which is the launch ceremony of the 10th APPLIED ENERGY UNiLAB in the world, was held in the International Exchange Center by the National Laboratory for Electric Vehicles of Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT). About 50 experts and scholars from China, America, Australia, Sweden, et al. attended this meeting.

     The meeting was directed by Prof. Hongwen He, who is the Vice Dean of School of Mechanical Engineering. Prof. Fengchun Sun, who is the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the Director of the National Laboratory for Electric Vehicles of BIT, gave opening remarks for the meeting. He expressed his sincere thanks and warm welcome to the attendees, and indicated that the construction of the international association for academic research-UNILAB will assist to address the key problems for the all-climate electric vehicles to be used in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and to provide a novel cooperation platform for the scientific innovation activities all over the world. Prof. Shuiyuan Tang, who is the director of the International Exchange Center of BIT, expressed in the opening remarks that this meeting kept abreast of the times and gathered wisdom and strength from all sides effectively, which would provide a new mode for the international exchange in BIT. Prof. Jinyue Yan from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, who is the Fellow of the European academy of sciences and arts and Editor-in-Chief of Applied Energy, introduced the basic concept of the Applied Energy UNiLAB development, aiming at gathering the dominant power all over the world to conduct the cutting-edge research by proposing a new approach to realizing the sustainable development of energy. The unveiling ceremony by Prof. Sun, Prof. Yan and all the academic committee marked the construction of the APPLIED ENERGY UNiLAB: Batteries and Management for All-Climate Electric Vehicles, which was led by BIT. Prof. He from the School of Mechanical Engineering of BIT was authorized the first executive director of this lab.

     Then, Prof. Michael G. Pecht from University of Maryland, College Park, Prof. Weixiang Shen from Swinburne University of Technology and Prof. Lei Feng from KTH Royal Institute of Technology gave keynotes on Batteries and Management for All-Climate Electric Vehicles, respectively.


     Prof. Hongwen He directed the discussions about the UNILAB research plan. The participating experts discussed deeply about the UNILAB research focus, basic running mode, et al. Prof. He also led all attendees to visit the National Monitoring Platform for New Energy Vehicles.