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Academic Report - Distributed Parameter Model of Electric Motor for Vehicular Application




Professor Zhong Zaimin, from Automobile College of Tongji University


 10:00-11:30, July 3rd, 2018


2nd floor, Vehicle Laboratory Building.

Expert introduction:

Zhong Zaimin, graduated from Beijing Institute of Technology, is currently working at the Automotive College of Tongji University, and also a Professor, doctoral tutor, and a member of the Shanghai Automotive Engineering Society. His main research fields are new energy vehicle power systems and vehicle electric drive technology. In recent years, his main research directions are automotive electromechanical composite electric drive assembly technology and vehicle motor wide frequency drive control technology.

Key points of the Report:

The "concentrated parameter model" of the vehicle motor based on the inductive parameter cannot effectively describe the behavior of the spatial wave and saturation of the electric airport. The "distribution parameter model" analyzes and reconstructs the magnetic co-energy obtained by FEA. It can use a unified parameter set to describe the spatial distribution characteristics of flux linkage, torque and voltage with the click rotor angle.


This method provides good theoretical support for model-based motor control and diagnosis, such as active torque ripple suppression, current harmonic control, and high-precision real-time simulation.


 The Special Vehicle Research Institute, School of Mechanical Engineering