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Notice About 2018 Ph.D. Admission Letters


To the candidates: 

     The doctoral admission letters will be issued on June 28, 2018.  The relevant matters are announced as follows:

      For the candidates applying for a successive postgraduate and doctoral program from our school, your admission letters will not be mailed. Please go to the student adivisor Zhang Jin to get it.

     Date: June 28-29th

     Location: Room 237, Teaching building No. 1


    For those from other schools, your admission letters will be uniformly mailed by registered mail.

    But if you have sent an e-mail to the teacher and asked to take it by yourself, please go to Room 238, Teaching Building No. 1 during June 28 – 29.

    You can also grant a proxy authorizing another person to take it, if not convenient to come here by yourself. It is nesscessary that providing information such as mutual name, gender, ID number, and showing us the trustee's ID card face to face. 


School of Mechanical Engineering,

June 27th, 2018