Prof. Zhu Guoming from Michigan State University was invited to teach and give academic exchanges at the School of Mechanical Engineering

Contributed by: Huang Ying, School of Mechanical Engineering Photographed by Li Huan Editor: E'Mei

From October 26 to 28, 2016, Prof. Zhu Guoming from Michigan State University of the United States was invited by School of Mechanical Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology to teach for graduate students and conduct academic exchanges. Zhu Guoming is a professor of the Department of Electrical Engineering and the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Michigan State University. His work at MSU includes the teaching of control courses for undergraduate and postgraduate. His main research work includes closed-loop combustion control of internal combustion engines, system modeling and identification, hybrid power system control and optimization, etc. He has more than 33 years of research experience in control theory, engine diagnostics, and combustion control related fields. Professor Zhu Guoming is an academician of SAE and ASME. He is also a think-tank expert and visiting professor of the Beijing Institute of Technology for the intelligence introduction base of new energy sources.              As a visiting professor at Beijing Institute of Technology, Prof. Zhu Guoming directly participated in the teaching and curriculum construction of the postgraduate course “Power Machinery Control Engineering” in the School of Mechanical Engineering. This lecture is the third time he participated in the teaching activity of this course. Taking his latest research results in the field of closed-loop combustion control of the internal combustion engine as an example, he taught students control-oriented modeling and model-based control. This enabled the students to share the cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements in the field of internal combustion engine control while learning the course contents, and also benefited other postgraduate students participating in the lectures.                             

During the visit, the professors of the Department of Energy and Power Engineering also conducted in-depth discussions on the future development direction of the subject, undergraduate and graduate teaching, and research projects related to engine combustion and control. Prof. Sun Bogang, Director of the Department of Energy and Power Engineering, Professor Liu Fushui in the direction of combustion, Prof. Zhang Fujun and Professor Huang Ying in the direction of control, and Prof. Ma Chaochen in the direction of supercharger participated in the exchange activities.



(Reviewed by: Zuo Zhengxing, Xi Junqiang)