Prof. Karsten Stahl from FZG,Technical University of Munich was invited to conduct academic exchanges at Beijing Institute of Technology

 Contributed by: Huang Ying, School of Mechanical Engineering; Editor: E'Mei

    On October 11th, professor of Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Munich, Germany, and Director of the German Gear Research Center (FZG), Karsten Stahl visited the School of Mechanical Engineering and conducted academic exchange activities. During his visit, Professor Stahl gave an academic report titled "On the future of gear in electrified drive trains". Professor Stahl focused on the application of gear transmission in contemporary passenger vehicles. Based on this, he introduced the gear transmission and the design method applied in electric vehicles, the necessity of the application of gears in electric vehicles, the existing problems and development trends, especially the combination of the power density problem, efficiency problem and noise problem to be solved in the gear transmission in the electric vehicle R&D process in cooperation with the world-famous car company, BMW, were discussed. Prof. Stahl's report was rich in content, vivid, and attracted the interest of teachers and students. The students discussed the content of the report in depth. Through the introduction of international frontier knowledge in relevant fields, it helps graduate students expand the international outlook, consolidate professional foundations, and increase professional interest in learning.

Professor Hu Jibin, Executive Director of the School of Mechanical Engineering, met with Prof. Stahl. At the same time, he fully exchanged ideas on post-student exchanges and research cooperation, ideas on undergraduate English teaching and curriculum, and visited related laboratories during the visit. 

    About Prof Karsten Stahl and FZG: Prof. Stahl is Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Munich, Director of the Gear Research Centre (FZG) and an internationally renowned gear transmission expert. A number of international standards for gear design and testing have been drafted and developed by FZG. The FZG center has comprehensive testing and analysis equipment for the drive system and parts, which occupies an important position in the research and development of international gears and transmission systems.


(Reviewed by: Zuo Zhengxing, Xi Junqiang)