School of Mechanical Engineering, BIT holds a seminar with foreign students

Contributed by: Sun Hua, School of Mechanical Engineering Editor: E'Mei

  On the morning of January 20, 2017, the School of Mechanical Enginnering held a symposium for foreign students. Directors of the Office of International Students of BIT, Wang Ying, Deputy Director Xie Fei and related teachers were invited. College Party Committee Secretary Zuo Zhengxing, Deputy Directors Feng Huihua, He Hongwen, Fan Wenhui and representatives of international students attended the meeting.

  During the symposium, the leaders of the Office of International Students and the School of Mechanical Engineering discussed the achievements and problems of the 2016 International Student Training Program, and answered questions about the students’ current learning and life problems. In the face of the difficulties encountered in the learning process, the school will assist foreign students in various ways such as extracurricular tutoring and freshman tutoring. The school expressed its gratitude to the Office of International Students for its long-term support and conducted in-depth exchanges in promoting the internationalization and diversification of international student education, enhancing cultural exchanges between Chinese and foreign students, and developing the academic development of overseas students.

  In the exchange session, the participating students actively exchanged ideas, provided useful opinions and suggestions on the management of international students in the college through the specific problems they encountered, and also introduced the help they received and the progress they made during their studies at BIT in terms of food, clothing, housing, and other aspects. They thanked for the opportunity to come to the BIT for study.

  The symposium has achieved good results. Next, the School of Mechanical Engineering will carry out more activities around the recruitment and training of international students to further improve the internationalization of the college’s talent cultivation work.


(Reviewed by: Zuo Zhengxing)