“Overseas experts to the front line”

Contributed by: Zuo Zhe

When referring to overseas experts for communication, everyone’s impressions were “sitting tight, being taciturn, speak with fervour and assurance, talking on the stage and taking a serious look at the audience”. The professors traveled in the academic temple and the students experienced the unfathomable science and overseas masters.

    Hall-level exchanges have enabled the students to benefit on the level of knowledge and academics. It can be said that they have seen open world of academics. However, the research results of the temple level are far from the majority of students and teachers themselves. Many students reported that after listening to the professor’s report, they felt that the research was “marvelous” and that once they returned to their studies, they felt very “poor” and the exchanges with foreign experts were only on the surface and could not get down to earth.

    How to make the normal international academic exchanges both "marvelous" and "down to earth", and play a good role in promoting the research work at the grass-roots level is a problem to be solved urgently. The team of Professor Zhang Fujun of BIT's intelligence bases of new energy vehicles and the application of subject innovation, took advantages of Chinese overseas experts' “Christmas-New Year” academic holiday, invited the “Overseas Thousand People” experts of the Central Organization Department Professor Xu Hongming from the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom,  Prof. Fang Tiegang from University of North Carolina United States and other well-known overseas experts and launched a series of academic activities “Enter into the research group and exchange face to face” throughout December. In addition to the activities of the “hall-level” lectures, overseas experts also participated in the opening and replying sessions of graduate training, and used international methods to guide the research work of graduate students. Even more experts personally became an "engineer" and "programmer" who directly took part in practical work and used the "hall-level" academic ideas to help students break through scientific research problems. The one-month academic exchange activity will create a new mode for the exchange of overseas talents. The students benefited greatly and not only improved their scientific research capabilities, but also experienced the research styles of overseas experts. At the same time, it also helped introduce BIT to overseas experts and promoted international exchanges.

    Overseas experts stated that “the research of the students of the Beijing Institute of Technology is also very distinctive”, “the academic enthusiasm of the students is high” and “many studies have been carried out in depth”.

    The graduate student Wang said that “Professor Fang and I disassembled the injector together, and many views and methods were seen for the first time.” Song, a graduate student, stated that "Professor's derivation of formula is really marvelous!"

    PhD student Ma said that “the question of the British professor was very sharp and in-depth during the reply, but when I got back thinking about it, it really helped the study. Through the exchange of the reply, a new research idea was opened up in the research direction”.

    In the new year, on the basis of summarizing the previous work experience, professor team of BIT's intelligence bases of new energy vehicles and the application of subject innovation will continue to deepen the "overseas experts to the frontline" mode.

(Reviewed by: Zuo Zhengxing)