Advancing to the “World Class”, We Are on the Way—School of Mechanical Engineering Successfully Completed the First International Assessment

On November 9-11, the International Assessment, a key task of the School of Mechanical Engineering, BIT, was successfully completed, which aims to move forward to be a “world-class” university.

The members of International Assessment Expert Group are Prof. Lin Li of the University of Manchester, Fellow of Royal Academy of Engineering and the Leader of the Group, Academician Abderrahmane Kheddar of the National Center for Scientific Research, Prof. Tsunemoto Kuriyagawa of Tohoku University, Prof. Christian Laugier of Inria, Prof. Shaker A. Meguid of University of Toronto, Prof. Hubertus J.Murrenhoff of Aachen University of Technology, President appointed Prof. Antoni Szumanowski of Warsaw University of Technology, and Prof. GuomingG. ZHU of Michigan State University.

The main report of the conference on November 9, and Prof. Xiang Changle, Deputy Party Secretary and Vice President of BIT, Prof. Chen Jie, Vice President of BIT, and leaderships and teachers from Schools and other Departments attended the meeting. The special report was presided over by Prof. Xiang, and Prof. Chen gave a welcome speech. The discipline of mechanical engineering made a report on the overall situation of the discipline and reported the direction of the six disciplines to the expert group. Then the Expert Group and the reporter conducted questions and exchanges.

From November 9, to the morning of November 10, the group of experts visited the School’s relevant laboratories. In the Xishan Experimental Area, they witnessed the display of smart cars, visited the Heavy-duty Vehicle Road Simulation Test Bench, 8*8 Rotating Hub Test Bench, Transmission Test Bench, NVH Laboratory, Electromechanical Compound Transmission Laboratory, Electric Vehicle National Engineering Laboratory, Robot Laboratories, Advanced Processing Laboratories, Vehicle Transmission Key Laboratories, Dynamic Emissions Laboratories, Non-destructive Testing and Control Laboratories, Micro-manufacturing Laboratories, Laser Micro-Nano Laboratories, etc., and conducted in-depth exchanges with our students.

During the interview, the Group held discussions with teacher representatives, student representatives, and School leaders, and reviewed the School’s related materials in detail. At the writing of the assessment report, Prof. Zhao Changlu had an in-depth exchange with the experts and thanked them for their guidance and assistance in the discipline construction work of BIT.

The International Assessment Report is on November 11. The Group put forward the evaluation opinions on the aspects of personnel training, scientific research, teacher team, social service and development strategy, and pointed out that the School of Mechanical Engineering should strengthen the planning and construction in the future from the aspects of expanding international popularity, strengthening the training of foreign students and developing strategic planning. They highly appraised the School and unanimously believed that the related disciplines are world-class in terms of social contributions, teaching facilities, and scientific research facilities, which is Asia top-level and has the basic conditions for becoming a world-class university.

In the past year, the School of Mechanical Engineering has established the first international assessment work of BIT with the cross-school and interdisciplinary international assessment team led by the college’s leaders, subject responsibility professors, and young key teachers. The international assessment team carefully studied the international assessment practices and the actual situation of the domestic high-level research universities. According to the overall situation and development goals of the School and the principles of system design, it clearly defined the division of responsibilities, carefully organized materials, detailedly planned the progress of the work, and established international special websites in English and Chinese. After over one year of meticulous preparation and in accordance with the goal of building a “world-class” discipline, a successful and firm step has been taken toward the goal of being a “world-class” university.

The international evaluation of disciplines is an effective means to understand and master the current level of subject specialty. It helps to improve the international popularity and influence of schools, universities and disciplines, and is conducive to the introduction of high end talents in schools, set up a platform for the in-depth international exchange and cooperation, and points out the direction for the development of the subject. The international assessment is a review of the discipline construction of our School. It is also a display of the achievements of the discipline construction of BIT. The School of Mechanical Engineering will carefully summarize the experience of the international assessment, and constantly improve the discipline construction according to the feedback of the experts, and move forward to be the “world class” university.