The 17th International Conference on Geometry and Graphics (ICGG2016) Was Held at BIT

On August 4-8, The 17th International Conference on Geometry and Graphics, (ICGG 2016) was held at BIT, which was sponsored International Society for Geometry and Graphics (ISGG) and co-sponsored by BIT and China Graphics Society. Nearly 200 experts and scholars from 28 countries, including the United States, Germany, Russia, Austria, Japan, Italy, Brazil, Australia and China, participated in this international conference which is with a relatively large scale and a relatively high level in the field of graphic studies undertaken by BIT.

After more than two years of publicity, preparation and organization, ICGG 2016 focuses on theoretical graphics and geometry, applied geometry and graphics, computer graphics, and graphics education, etc. There were 144 papers and 19 posters in 32 sessions.

Prof. Otto Röschel of Graz University of Technology, President of ISGG, Prof. Suzuki of Tokyo University, the former President of ISGG, Prof. Sun Jiaguang, Director of China Graphics Society and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Prof. Wang Qinglin, Vice Minister of International Liaison Department of China Association for Science and Technology, and Prof. Chen Jie, Vice President of BIT attended the opening ceremony, which was presided over by Prof. Zhao Gang, Secretary General of China Graphics Society.

Speech at the opening ceremony of Prof. Chen Jie, Vice President of BIT

Speech at the opening ceremony of Prof. Sun Jiaguang, Director of China Graphics Society

Speech at the opening ceremony of Prof. Otto Röschel, President of ISGG


Chen Jie expressed his profound wishes on behalf of BIT to scholars from all over the world. Sun Jiaguang welcomed scholars from the world of graphics and geometry on behalf of the China Graphics Society. Prof. Otto Röschel thanked the delegates for attending the meeting and wished the conference a complete success.

ICGG is an international academic conference organized every two years hosted by ISGG and has been successfully held for 17 sessions since 1978, which is with high-level in the field of graphics, and has been held in rotation on various continents of the world. It has become the highest level international conference on graphology that is highly recognized by experts and scholars in the international graphic arts community. It has greatly promoted the development and progress of the research in the field of international graphics.

Prof. Frank Maxfield Croft, Jr. of Ohio State University, Prof. Hirotaka Suzuki of Kobe University, Prof. Željka ŠIPUŠ of University of Zagreb, Prof. He Yuanjun of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Prof. Zhu Zhendong of BIT made five high-level invitations report.

During the conference, experts and scholars from around the world focused on the theme of “Graphology and Development, Graphics and Design, Graphics and Manufacturing, and Graphics and Life”, and presented the most advanced graphics research hotspots and achievements. The active discussion and communication between scholars from various countries was fruitful. At the closing ceremony, Prof. Otto Röschel highly appraised the 17th International Conference on Geometry and Graphics. He first congratulated the conference on the fruitful achievements of this session, and expressed joy and encouragement to the delegates’ wonderful speeches and exchanges. He then thanked the elaborate arrangements made by BIT.

Speech at the closing ceremony of Prof. Otto Röschel

Frank Maxfield Croft, Jr. on behalf of all participants, stated that as a past ICGG conference participant, he has increasingly felt the enthusiasm for academic exchanges between scholars from various countries in the field of international geometry and graphography, and that he is interested in Beijing Institute of Technology. The University expressed its gratitude for the efforts made by the host and expressed its deep respect for the hard work of the school volunteers. 

Speech at the closing ceremony of Prof. Frank Maxfield Croft, Jr.

Prof. Jiang Lan, President of School of Mechanical Engineering, BIT, expressed his warm congratulations on the successful organization of the conference and expressed his gratitude for the arrival of the participants. He also said BIT, one of China’s first-class, world-renowned science and engineering university, will play an increasingly important role in promoting the international academic field. In the end, he introduced the basic situation, scientific research strength and development direction of BIT and the School of Mechanical Engineering to representatives from various countries. He also welcomed scholars from various countries to conduct more extensive and extensive exchanges with teachers and students of BIT in the future. 

Speech at the closing ceremony of Prof. Jiang Lan

During the conference, the accompanying friends and relatives of the participants toured the beauty of the Chinese landscape garden in the Summer Palace, experienced the fun of dumplings in Yanyuan Restaurant, and enjoyed the great rivers and mountains of the Great Wall of China.

Chinese Cultural Experience

Under the guidance of ISGG, the ICGG2016 ended with the joint efforts of China Graphics Society and BIT. The conference was strongly supported by Beijing Institute of Technology Press, Higher Education Press, Institute of Science and Technology, and International Affairs. Departments including the School Office have provided support for ensuring the smooth convening of the ICGG2016. The success of the conference not only provided a platform for scholars to learn and communicate with international geometry and graphic arts scholars, but also showed scholars from various countries the wisdom and talent of BIT.