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          Engine research institute primarily engage in the investigations on combustion and performance of IC engines. Currently, there are 19 faculties in the institute, including 5 professors, 7 associate professor/ research associate/senior engineers, 7 lecturers and experimentalists, and more than 100 graduated students, including PhD 40 students and 60 MS students. The faculties and students concentrateon followed five research directions, IC engine overall design technology, IC engine fuel and combustion optimization technology, IC engine oil supply and control technology, new energy power technology, IC engine emissions controlling technology. The institute undertook or undertaking National High-tech R&D Program of China (863 Program), National Program on Key Basic Research Project of China (973 Program), IC Engine Product Developing Projects, National Natural Science Fund, and other national projects. Extensive technical cooperation was also carried out with enterprises. The first Atkinson cycle gasoline engine, the first hydrogen fueled internal combustion engine, and the first hydrogen internal combustion engine passenger car in China were developed together with Changan Automobile Company. Also, a series of diesel engines were developed with Kunming Yunnei Power Company. The institute is one of the main relying units for Ministry of Environmental Protection to establish and update IC engine emission regulations. Under the work mentioned above, a parametric predictive design method and intellectual property system have been formed. Many major scientific achievements including more than 100 invention patents and more than 500 papers have been obtained.

    Research fields:
    (1) Digital prediction technology for ICengine designing
    (2) Optical diagnostics of flow and combustion in IC engine 
    (3) Combustion theory and technology for hydrogen fueled IC engine
    (4) Emission pollutants control technology for IC engine 


    Figure 1: Optical diagnostics of flow and combustion in IC engine

    Research outcomes
        We have participated in the development of a certain type of tank engine, developed the first hydrogen prototype engine in China, and presided over a number of national and local vehicle emission standards. The main research outcomes have been applied to the following fields:
    (1) Designs of a certain type of tank engine and a variety of commercial engines; 
    (2) Development of a gasoline engine with Atkinson cycle for hybrid vehicles; 
    (3) Testing methods for vehicle un-regular pollutants; 
    (4) Development of electronically controlled high pressure fuel-supply system and application of a novel combustion system for diesel engines.

    Figure 2: The first hydrogen internal combustion engine passenger car in China

    Figure 3: China Automotive Industry Awards for Science & Technology


    Main support condition
        There are many measurement devices in the Engine Research Institute, including 9 engine test benches, 1 rotating-hub platform with capacity of emission test, the laser test system for combustion, Particle Image Velocimetry system, fuel pump and test system for fuel-supplying law, the steady flow rig system, the constant volume chamber and optical engine, the devices for un-regular exhaust emissions and other devices. The total devices are worthy of more than 50 million yuan.


                                                                                                           Figure 4: Engine test benches                                                    Figure 5:  Optical engine

    Figure 6: Single cylinder engine test platform Laser test system