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        The Research Center of Power Machinery of Beijing Institute of Technology was founded in September 2011, which includes Lab of Powertrain system science & control laboratory and Lab of Powertrain system structural science and engineering. There are 23 faculties in the center, including 7 professors, 7 associate professors, 9 doctoral tutors and 18 master tutors. More than 10 doctoral candidates and 30 master candidates each year enroll every year. At present, there are more than 150 Ph. D. and postgraduate students.
        We investigate the depth and subtlety of the problem and pursue study for perfecting practice. With the advantage of integrated powertrain system modeling and control of powertrain, numerical modeling and analysis of complex structure, heavy thermal load components design, a number of achievements have been applied in many types of equipment. A large number of excellent talents have graduated. In recent years, aiming at the rapid development of new energy and unmanned system, new research functions such as hybrid power powertrain, solar energy powered vehivcle, unmanned aerial vehicle(UAV)piston engine, linear and free piston and other new concept engines have been investigated. 
          Many academy exchanges have been performed both domestic and international, including China North Engine Research Institute, Beijing Institute of aerospace power, University of Newcastle, University of Michigan, State Michigan University, North Carolina State University. A long-term cooperative relationship has established which may improve the scientific research merge and personnel academic promotion.
    1) Modeling and Integrated Control of Powertrain  
    2) New Hybrid Power system matching and Energy Management  
    3) The Structural Theory of Power System  
    4) New Concept Energy Conversion and Power system  
    5) Small Arial and Loitering Vehicle engine

    Figure 1: High-fidelity FEM of crank shaft

    Figure 2: Dynamical simulation of movement mechanism in internal combustion engine

    Research outcome
    (1) The design framework of powertrain for armored vehicles are first put forward and successfully applied to armored vehicles
    (2) The first powertrain control management system of armored vehicle diesel engine has been developed, which has been successfully applied to a new type of light tank project.
    (3)The design technique for main parts of military power devices is applied to almost all armored vehicle power units, such as tank, infantry fighting vehicle, amphibious assault vehicle, self propelled artillery, wheeled armored vehicle and so on.
    (4)Aimed at future hybrid vehicle applications, a free piston linear generator with high level compactness and integration is proposed and implemented. The research is in the international forefront of work in this area.
    The center has built a first-class domestic scientific research conditions sponsored by "211 project", "985 project" and other key projects investment and construction. Main equipments including: large scale high-performance computing server. Powertrain test bench, control system rapid prototyping development and hardware-in-the-loop simulation platform and fuel injection test platform. Fast thermal load test bench and all kinds of simulation modeling and calculation software systems.

    Figure 3: Linear freepiston electric generator

    Figure 4: Hydrolic free piston engine

    Figure 5: Spark ignited Aerial piston heavy fuel engine 

    Figure 6: Powertrain Test Equipment