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  • Lin Sheng-Lun


    Sheng-Lun Lin


    Associate Professor / Special Researcher


    Mechanical Engineering


    Energy and Power Engineering

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    Room 413, Build 1, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing 100081, China

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    Research Interests

    Dr. Lin’s research field includes mechanical engineering, power engineering, chemical engineering, environmental engineering, and aerosol science.

    1. Multi-component fuel technologies for diesel engine and boilers.

    2. Advanced thermal treatment for energy and material circulation from wastes.

    3. Emission, transport, and deposition of aerosol particles and their temporal-spatial variation and source apportionment by simulation and real-time measurement.

    4. Emission, control technologies, transport, deposition, and source apportionment of persistent organic pollutants.

    Publication and Project Lists

    Research Performances:

    1. Has published 69 SCI journal papers; contributed as the First / corresponding author in 35 papers; 1 ESI Highly cited paper (before Aug 2022).

    2. Has 4 patents authorized.

    3. Worked as PI in 8 government-sponsored projects, funded with 4.72 million CNY.

    4. Worked as PI in 30 Industrial-academic cooperation, funded with 23.39 million CNY.

    SCI paper


    (1) Yuan-Chung Lin, Sheng-Lun Lin, Syu-Ruei Jhang*, Kang-Shin Chen*, Chaio-Wen Su, Chien-Er Huang. The Evaluation of Hydrogen Addition on Driving Behavior, Fuel Economy, Gases Emissions under NEDC Test Cycle. Aerosol and Air Quality Research, Accepted. (IF=4.530).

    (2) Sheng-Lun Lin*, Hongjie Zhang, Lin-Chi Wang**, Yen-Yi Lee, Chien-Er Huang. Effects of Fuel Injection System and Exhaust Gas Catalytic Treatments on PAH Emissions from Motorcycles. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Accepted (IF=5.190).

    (3) Sheng-Lun Lin*, Yunzhou Deng, Chien-Er Huang, Kun-Kuo Tien, Yen-Yi Lee*. Atmospheric PM2.5 near an Urban and an Industrial Complex during Air-pollution Episodes with Various Meteorological Conditions. Aerosol and Air Quality Research, AUG 2022, 22(8): 220187. (IF=4.530)

    (4) Feng-Chih Chou, Syu-Ruei Jhang, ShengLun Lin, Chung-Bang Chen, Kang-Shin Chen, Yuan-Chung Lin*. Emission Reduction of NOx, CO, HC, PM2.5, and PAHs by Using a Catalyst in a Diesel Engine. Aerosol and Air Quality Research, AUG 2022, 22(8): 220180. (IF=4.530)

    (5) Sheng-Lun Lin, Wei Tang, Jhong-Lin Wu, Yen-Yi Lee, Chih-Lung Wang, Wei-Hsin Chen*. Particulate PCDD/F Size Distribution and Potential Deposition in Respiratory System from a Hazardous Waste Thermal Treatment Process. Environmental Research, JUL 2022: 113806 Online (IF= 8.431).

    (6) Sheng-Lun Lin*, Zhefeng Guo, Shui-Jen Chen, Wei Tang, Shih-Wei Huang*. Use of Hydrous ABE-Glycerin-Diesel Microemulsions in a Nonroad Diesel Engine – Performance and Unignorable Emissions. Chemosphere, MAR 2022, 290: 133244. (IF=8.943)

    (7) Sheng-Lun Lin, Jhong-Lin Wu, Wei-Hsin Chen*, Han Wu, Wei Tang. Ultra-low PCDD/F Emissions and Their Particle Size and Mass Distribution in A Hazardous Waste Treatment System. Journal of Hazardous Materials, FEB 2022, 423(A): 127032. (IF=14.224)

    (8) Yao Xiao, Abdul Raheem, Lu Ding*, Wei-Hsin Chen*, Xueli Chen, Fuchen Wang, Sheng-Lun Lin. Pretreatment, modification and applications of sewage sludge-derived biochar for resource recovery – A review. Chemosphere, JAN 2022, 287(1): 131969 (IF=8.943)


    (9) Han Wu, Cong Liu, Longmin Tang, Chunze Cen, Sheng-Lun Lin*, Chien-Er Huang. Inhibition of the Wall-attached Fuel Combustion and the Formation of Aerosol Particle. Aerosol and Air Quality Research, OCT 2021, 21(10): 210138. (IF=4.530)

    (10) Han Wu, Zhen Hu, Xu Dong, Saifei Zhang*, Zhikun Cao, and Sheng-Lun Lin. Numerical Investigation of Negative Temperature Coefficient Effects on Sooting Characteristics in a Laminar Co-flow Diffusion Flame. ACS Omega, JUN 2021, 6(23): 15156–15167 (IF=4.132)

    (11) Sheng-Lun Lin*, Jhong-Lin Wu*, Kuang C. Lin, Han Wu, Zhefeng Guo, Chun-Wei Tu. A Novel Flameless Oxidation and In-chamber Melting System Coupled with Advanced Scrubbers for A Laboratory Waste Plant. Waste Management, MAY 2021, 126, 706-718. (IF=8.816)

    (12) Ming-Hsien Tsai, How-Ran Chao, Jheng-Jie Jiang, Yu-Hsieh Su, Mariene-syne Cortez, Lemmuel L. Tayo, I-Cheng Lu, Hao Hsieh, Chih-Chung Lin, Sheng-Lun Lin, Wan Nurdiyana Wan Mansor. Toxicity of Low-Dose Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles in an in-vivo Caenorhabditis elegans Model. Aerosol and Air Quality Research, MAY 2021, 21(5): 200559 (IF=4.530)

    (13) Chin-Yu Hsu, Kai-Hsien Chi, Chih-Da Wu, Sheng-Lun Lin, Wen-Chang Hsu, Chun-Chieh Tseng, Mu-Jean Chen, Yu-Cheng Chen*. Integrated analysis of source-specific risks for PM2.5-bound metals in urban, suburban, rural, and industrial areas. Environmental Pollution. APR 2021, 275: 116652 (IF=9.988)

    (14) Yuan-Chung Lin, Syu-Ruei Jhang*, Sheng-Lun Lin*, Kang-Shin Chen. Comparative effect of fuel ethanol content on regulated and unregulated emissions from old model vehicles: An assessment and policy implications. Atmospheric Pollution Research. APR 2021, 12(4): 66-75 (IF=4.831)

    (15) Jen-Hsiung Tsai, Shui-Jen Chen*, Sheng-Lun Lin, Zheng-You Xu, Kuo-Lin Huang, Chih-Chung Lin. Chemical characterization of water-soluble ions and metals in particulate matter generated by a portable two-stroke gasoline engine. Aerosol and Air Quality Research, MAR 2021, 21(3): 200362 (IF=4.530)

    (16) Kavita Justus Mutuku, Yen-Yi Lee*, Guo-Ping Chang-Chien, Sheng-Lun Lin, Wei-Hsin Chen*, Wen-Che Hou. Chemical Fingerprints for PM2.5 in the Ambient Air near a Raw Material Storage Site for Iron Ore, Coal, Limestone, and Sinter. Aerosol and Air Quality Research, MAR 2021, 21(3): 200624 (IF=4.530)


    (17) Yi‐Ming Kuo*, Kuo‐Lin Huang, Jian‐Wen Wang, Cheng‐Hsien Tsai, Sheng‐Lun Lin. An alternative approach to reclaim spent nickel–metal hydride batteries. Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy, NOV 2020 (IF=2.824).

    (18) Syu-Ruei Jhang, Yuan-Chung Lin*, Kang-Shin Chen, Sheng-Lun Lin, Stuart Batterman. Evaluation of fuel consumption, pollutant emissions and well-to-wheel GHGs assessment from a vehicle operation fueled with bioethanol, gasoline and hydrogen. Energy, OCT 2020, 209 118436 (IF=8.857)

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    (22) Wan Nurdiyana Wan Mansor*, Samsuri Abdullah, Che Wan Mohd Noor Che Wan Othman, Mohamad Nor Khasbi Jarkoni, How-Ran Chao, and Sheng-Lun Lin. Data on greenhouse gases emission of fuels in power plants in Malaysia during the year of 1990-2017. Data in Brief, JUN 2020, 30: 105440.

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    (28) Sheng-Lun Lin*, Kuan-Lin Lee, Jhong-Lin Wu+ , Nicholas Kiprotich Cheruiyot. Effects of a Quenching Treatment on PCDD/F Reduction in the Bottom Ash of a Lab Waste Incinerator to Save the Energy and Cost Incurred from Post-thermal Treatment. Waste Management, JUL 2019, 95: 316–324. (IF=8.816)

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    Research Projects

    u Government-sponsored Projects

    (1) 开发前沿热处理工艺循环利用复杂生物质生产可再生燃料及其潜在环境冲击,北京理工大学,30300122222102主持人(1/1)

    (2) 电子业酸碱气及细悬浮微粒排放系数盘点及控制技术优化,中国台湾科技主管部门MOST-107-EPA-F-016-0012019/01/01–2019/12/31主持人(2/3)

    (3) 使用中车辆污染调查研究计划,中国台湾科技主管部门MOST-106-EPA-F-011-0012017/09/05–2018/09/04主持人(3/4)

    (4) 循环经济应用粗甘油及废溶剂能源化与污排放减量技术研发,中国台湾科技主管部门面上项目MOST 106-2221-E-230-001-MY22017/08/01–2019/10/31主持人(1/3)

    (5) 建立移动源不同期别燃料有害空气污染物排放系数之研究,中国台湾科技主管部门MOST 105-EPA-F-008-0032016/08/08–2017/08/07主持人(3/3)

    (6) 绿色多元油品研发:模式仿真与柴油引擎动力计测试,中国台湾科技主管部门面上项目,MOST 103-2221-E-230-003-MY22014/08/01–2016/07/31主持人(1/2)

    (7) 氢气与汽柴油双燃料混烧技术之研究:模式仿真与动力计实程测试,中国台湾行政主管部门NSC 102-EPA-F-009-0012013/08/02–2014/08/01主持人(1/1)

    (8) 水乳化柴油于不同环境条件下之喷雾、燃烧及污染物排放特性研究:定容燃烧器雷射诊断及柴油引擎实验,中国台湾科学委员会青年学者项目NSC 101-2221-E-230-0242012/10/01–2013/12/31主持人(1/1)


    u Industry-academia Cooperation Projects

    (1) 锅炉及燃烧器匹配优化技术研究,上海凯鸿环保工程有限公司,2022/08/012023/07/31主持人(1/1)

    (2) 废弃物热处理设备节能减排优化技术服务,翌旸工程顾问有限公司,2021/09/012022/12/31主持人(1/1)

    (3) 低温SCR触媒滤管之研发测试计划,富利康科技股份有限公司,2019/10/012020/06/30主持人(1/1)

    (4) 中钢烧结工场及燃煤汽电共生锅炉重金属自厂排放系数研究计划,中国钢铁股份有限公司(中国台湾),2019/10/012020/02/28主持人(2/3)

    (5) 制程营运情境空污排放风险管理决策支持系统友善快速操作接口之设计,财团法人日月光文教基金会,2019/01/042019/11/30主持人(2/2)

    (6) 焚化热熔尾气处理象统中戴奥辛与新型阻燃剂质量及粒径分布,中国台湾成功大学环境资源研究管理中心,2019/04/012019/11/31主持人(1/1)

    (7) 中钢三四阶烧结矿自动化封闭式建筑减量成效研究计划,中国钢铁股份有限公司(中国台湾),2018/08/012020/09/30主持人(2/3)

    (8) PM2.5事件日污染特征解析技术移转,立境环境科技股份有限公司,2018/06/012019/05/31主持人(1/1)

    (9) 三种触媒戴奥辛去除效率测试,富利康科技股份有限公司,2018/05/012018/12/31主持人(1/2)

    (10) 2018年云林县环境调查及监测计划,环医工程顾问有限公司,2018/03/012019/02/28主持人(1/1)

    (11) 2017年嘉义市细悬浮微粒及有害空气污染物调查暨焚化厂周界健康风险评估计划,中国台湾嘉义市政府环境保护局,2017/12/212018/12/20主持人(1/1)

    (12) 20172019年度燃料产品测试与环境检测计划,识昌实业有限公司,2017/11/012019/02/28主持人(1/1)

    (13) 中钢原料储存场逸散与周界环境关联性调查计划,中国钢铁股份有限公司(中国台湾),2017/07/012018/06/30主持人(2/2)

    (14) 北台湾细悬浮微粒(PM2.5)调查计划,富联工程顾问股份有限公司,2017/03/012017/12/31主持人(1/1)

    (15) 环境新兴污染物与大肠癌相关性研究,中国台湾高雄长庚纪念医院,2017/01/012017/12/31主持人(1/1)

    (16) 细悬浮微粒防制及污染源指纹建立计划,环医工程顾问有限公司,2016/10/242017/10/23主持人(1/1)

    (17) 陶瓷纤维触媒滤管戴奥辛中温处理测试计划,富利康科技股份有限公司,2016/08/012017/12/31主持人(1/1)

    (18) 以废食用油做焚化炉起炉替代燃料之排放与燃烧影响,中国台湾成功大学,2016/03/012017/12/31主持人(2/2)

    (19) 触媒陶瓷滤材去除戴奥辛及粒状物技术测试,富利康科技股份有限公司,2016/03/012016/08/31主持人(1/1)

    (20) 2015年度嘉义市大气中细悬浮微粒污染特性分析计划,中国台湾嘉义市政府环境保护局,2015/08/072016/08/06主持人(1/1)

    (21) 2015年度环境监测案服务,中国台湾高雄市政府环境保护局南区资源回收厂,2015/01/012015/12/31主持人(1/1)

    (22) 2014-2015年戴奥辛、有害金属稽查管理暨细悬浮微粒检测业务,中国台湾高雄市政府环境保护局,2014/09/122015/09/11主持人(1/1)

    (23) 2014年度台北市内湖、木栅及北投垃圾焚化厂周界空气、土壤及植物戴奥辛含量浓度建立计划,中国台湾台北市政府环境保护局北投垃圾焚化厂,2014/06/242014/12/31主持人(1/1)

    (24) 中钢公司烧结工厂烟道排放PM2.5检测及粒径分布分析研究计划,中国钢铁股份有限公司(中国台湾),2014/05/012014/09/30主持人(1/1)

    (25) 2014年度嘉义市大气中细悬浮微粒浓度特性分析计划,中国台湾嘉义市政府环境保护局,2014/04/222015/04/21主持人(2/2)

    (26) 台塑六轻厂对渔业影响之监测计划,中国台湾云林县政府,2013/09/092014/09/03主持人(2/2)

    (27) 嘉义县细悬浮微粒(PM2.5)监测、分析与管制策略研拟计划,中国台湾嘉义县政府环境保护局,2013/08/262013/12/31主持人(1/1)

    (28) 嘉义市细悬浮微粒管制对策及健康风险评估计划,中国台湾嘉义市政府环境保护局2013/03/132013/12/16主持人(2/2)

    (29) 2012年度烟道戴奥辛采样分析专业服务,中国台湾高雄市政府环境保护局南区资源回收厂,2012/012012/12主持人(2/2)

    (30) 高雄市重要污染源长期连续采样分析四年计划,中国台湾高雄市政府环境保护局,2010/01/082014/01/07主持人(2/2)

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