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    The special vehicle research institute, formerly known as the vehicle laboratory, was established in 1950. Its name was changed to the special vehicle research institute when the school of mechanical engineering institutional reformed in 2011. The special vehicle research institute is mainly engaged in the teaching, research, experiment and related product development of armored and normal vehicle engineering.

    At present, the special vehicle research institute has 29 faculty members, including 6 professors, 12 associate professors, 3 senior engineers and senior laboratory technicians, among whom 1 people is selected for “100 million talents project in the new century”, 4 people are selected for “Cross century outstanding talents”, 4 people were selected into the “511 talent project of the national defense science and technology industry”, and 3 people were selected as the chief scientist of “973 Projects”. There are also 1 “Yangtze River scholars and innovation team development team” and 1 “National defense science and technology innovation team” in the special vehicle research institute.

    Fig. 1 Members of special vehicle research institute

    Through the efforts of several generations, the whole staff's age structure and knowledge structure are constantly optimized. It has formed an academic team with young people, high educational level, active academic thinking and a certain influence in the automobile industry.

    At present, the special vehicle research institute is mainly responsible for the teaching tasks of the specialized courses of armored vehicle engineering and the specialized courses for the graduate students of vehicle engineering. Armored vehicle engineering is a senior technical personnel training base for armored vehicle engineering research and development. In the “eleventh five-year plan” and “twelfth five-year plan”, armored vehicle engineering major has been awarded the major construction of national defense key construction and the specialty of the higher school of the ministry of education. “Tank Theorywas awarded the national quality course in 2008.The professional core curriculum teaching team was awarded the excellent teaching team of Beijing in 2010.The relevant teaching achievements were awarded with 1 second prize of Beijing teaching achievement and 3 awards of the school teaching award. One person was awarded one of the outstanding teachers in Beijing.

    The research direction of the special vehicle research institute mainly focuses on the field of military vehicle transmission, including integrated transmission technology, electromechanical composite transmission technology, wheeled vehicle transmission technology, stepless steering technology, hydraulic transmission technology, braking technology, transmission system dynamic design technology, transmission system control technology, transmission system integration and prediction design technology, land and air amphibious vehicle technology, etc.

    Fig. 2 Xishan transmission laboratory of special vehicle research institute

    (Note: Vehicle dynamic performance, Steering performance of vehicle, Transmission system dynamic performance, Shift performance, Vibration and noise characteristics, Fuel properties, Transmission parts limit environmental characteristics, the friction characteristics, Lubricating and sealing characteristic bench test can be evaluated, etc.)

     The special vehicle research institute mainly includes: tank transmission defense science and technology key laboratory, Xishan transmission laboratory and oil analysis laboratory, armored vehicle engineering practice teaching center and modern design analysis center. Currently, the laboratory covers an area of 2444 square meters, with more than 20 test platforms and more than 200 sets of large-scale instruments. The test bed covers a range of 20 ~ 1100kW, with total assets of over 300 million RMB. Vehicle dynamic performance, steering performance of vehicle, transmission system dynamic performance, shift performance, vibration and noise characteristics, fuel properties, transmission components limit environmental characteristics, friction characteristics, lubricating and sealing characteristic bench test can be carried out, etc.