Department of Vehicular Engineering


Vehicular Engineering in Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT-VE) has been developed into a national key discipline, with the major support of 985 project & 211 project. BIT-VE has 94 staff and faculty members and contains 4 research centers (Special Vehicle Research Center, Electric Vehicle Engineering & Technology Research Center, Vehicle Research Center and Vibration & Noise Control Research Center). The scientific research platform includes 2 National Laboratories (National Key Laboratory for Vehicular Transmission, National Engineering Laboratory for Electric Vehicles), 1 National 2011 Collaborative Innovation Center(Collaborative Innovation Center for Electric Vehicles) and 3 Provincial/Ministerial Key Laboratories (Beijing Laboratory for New Energy Vehicles, Beijing Electric Vehicle Engineering & Technology Research Center, Key Laboratory for Unmanned Vehicle Technology).

Fig 1 laboratory at national and ministerial/provincial level

Scientific Research & Achievements Transformation

Through decades of development, BIT-VE has formed 2 main research fields, they are Modern Vehicle Theory & Technology and New Energy & Energy Conservation Vehicle technology. The former field mainly focus on Theory and Integration of Vehicle System, Vehicle System Dynamics, NVH of Vehicle System, Theory of Vehicle Reliability, Theory and Technology of New Type Transmission System, Theory & Technology of Unmanned Vehicle. The latter field mainly focus on Theory of Electric Vehicle Design, Integration and Control of Electric Vehicle, Safe and Efficient Use of Vehicle-Mounted Energy, Theory & Technology of Integrated Electric Drive System with High Efficiency & High Energy Density. BIT-VE has owned outstanding advantages in the research field of Special Vehicle, Electric Vehicle and Unmanned Vehicle, and has been undertaking members of national key projects, such as National “Hi-tech Engineering” Project, Major and Key Model Project for Weapon and Equipment, 973 Projects for National Defense, National 863 Projects, Natural Science Foundation of China, Pre-research Projects for National Defense, Basic Research Projects for National Defense, National Projects for High-tech Olympics, Cooperation Projects between University and Industry, and so on. The annual research expenditure of BIT-VE has reach up to RMB 100 million ($14.9 million) in total.

During the process of development, BIT-VE has been always upholding traditions and maintaining advantages, actively facing the major national demands and international scientific frontier, energetically carrying out basic research and new emerging inter-discipline research. The academic level and original innovation capacity have been promoted significantly, a number of high-level SCI papers have been published in authoritative journals, and also a mount of patents for invention have been authorized and come into application. Persisting in severing for the major demands of national defense, BIT-VE has successfully developed series of advanced equipment, such as, Hydraulic Mechanical Integrated Transmission Equipment and Hydraulic Torque Converter for tracked vehicles, Gearbox for wheeled vehicles, High Mobility Suspension Equipment for off-road and tracked vehicles, Assault Vehicle for Paratrooper and Electric-Mechanical Integrated Transmission Equipment for new energy vehicle, and so on. All of these equipment have made outstanding contributions in upgrading the national defense equipment, and have enjoyed high reputation in national defense area.

Except for severing for major demands of national defense area, BIT-VE also focus on the exploration of major problems in civil area, including aspects of frontier, basic and engineering, and have obtained numbers of scientific achievements having important influence in the domestic and overseas. For example, BIT-VE have developed 3 series and 20 kinds of electric vehicle chassis and also 37 kinds of electric vehicle with complete intellectual property rights inland. Has realized the first export of electric bus platform and related supporting technology to Europe. By providing Electric Bus service for Beijing Olympics, Guangzhou Asian Games, Shanghai World Expo and APEC, have helped won good national image for China. So far, BIT-VE have won 3 National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology and 2 Second Prize of National Award for Technological Innovation.


Facing major demands of national security and national strategic emerging industries, BIT-VE has obtained series of innovation achievements in the domain of armoured vehicle transmission, suspension and new energy vehicle. Through the cooperation of industry-university, these achievements have been developed into series of products, and have got significant economic benefit and social benefit.


High Level Scientific Research Platform

Based on National Key Lab for Vehicular Transmission, National Engineering Laboratory for Electric Vehicles, Collaborative Innovation Center for Electric Vehicles, Beijing Electric Vehicle Engineering & Technology Research Center, Beijing Engineering Research Center of Electric Vehicles, Key Laboratory for Unmanned Vehicle Technology and other national and provincial level laboratories. And also with the support of "211 Project", "985 Project", "Hi-tech Engineering Project" and the investment for research condition construction of transmission foundation, BIT-VE has owned 25 thousand square meters of laboratory, all the teaching and scientific research equipment worth up to RMB 520 million, formed a high level test system and platform with strong ability of supporting basic research and applied basic research for vehicle engineering, including full condition simulation experimental platform with the largest power around the world, up to 1400KW, for tracked vehicle integrated transmission system, and 8-wheel independent drive test bench with 400kW power the largest in China.


Leading Academic Development and Pulling Industry Forward

By delivering keynote speech and invited speech in important national and international academic conferences, holding national and international academic conferences, attending as member of editorial board, working as part time professor in foreign famous universities and so on, the influences of the discipline have been widely expanded around the world. BIT-EV has successfully held the IEEE ITEC2014 The International Transportation Electrification Conference and Expo, held 15 multilateral international seminars and forums about electric vehicles between China, the US, Poland and German, led the development of related subjects. More and more professors become members of professional group of General Armament Department, experts of National High-Technology Project (863 project), specialist of national new energy vehicle system engineering, experts of National Natural Science Foundation. They have participated in formulating development plans for national armored vehicles, and the experimental subject plans for new energy vehicles, and have led the project of establishing Beijing local technical standard system for electrical vehicle charging stations.

Curriculum Construction and Practical Teaching

BIT-VE is undertaking the construction of series of programming books supported by ministry and national level, such as “Dynamics and Design of Automobile”,“Armored Vehicle Design”, “Drive Principle of Tracked Vehicle”, “Power Battery System and Applied Technology of Electric Vehicle”. “Dynamics and Design of Tank”has been honored as National Superior Course and National Superior Sharing Course, “Aerodynamics of Automobile”has been honored as Superior Video Course by Ministry of Education; BIT-VE has won the first prize of Beijing Teaching Achievement Award for three times, and won Excellent Teaching Books in Beijing for twice. BIT-VE has also undertaken a member of talent cultivation projects intensively supported by Ministry of Education. for example, the project named “Excellent Engineer Training Program”, the construction of two National Engineering Practical Education Centers together with Jianglu Electromechanical Group and Inner Mongolia First Machinery Group separately, the project “the comprehensive reform for Armoured Vehicular Engineering”, the project “off-campus practice base construction for armoured vehicle engineering”. All these teaching resources and construction projects can provide full support for talent cultivation.

Extracurricular Innovation Activities

        The faculty in BIT-VE always actively participate in building up the platform of science and technology innovation practice for students. As leader or instructor, they have led students to attend varies of innovation activities, such as, “Ground Unmanned Platform Challenge”, “Formula SAE”, “Energy Conservation Competition”, “Challenge Cup”, “Future Tank Design Competition”, and have got excellent achievements.

       Research platform in BIT-VE, such as, National Key Laboratory for Vehicular Transmission, National Engineering Laboratory for Electric Vehicle, Collaborative Innovation Center for Electric Vehicle, can provide solid condition support for research development and talent cultivation.

        BIT-VE undertake tasks of developing equipment for multiple troops. The developed Hydraulic Mechanical Integrated Transmission Equipment and Hydraulic Torque Converter have been honored National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology. The products developed by BIT-VE are applied in series of ground equipment, those composed 6 parade teams in the military parade for memory of the 70th anniversary of the victory of the anti-fascist war, and have made a great contribution for national defense construction.

Fig 2 The application of Electric Drive, Mechanical and Electrical Drive, Automatic Drive and Suspension Technology

        Facing major national demands and international scientific frontier, the developed Electric Drive, Mechanical and Electrical Drive, Automatic Drive and Suspension Technology have been applied in various products and equipment, have reach up to the international advanced level.

Fig 3 Inviting famous foreign scholars and experts to give lessons

        Inviting famous foreign scholars and experts to give lessons at BIT-VE have prompted high-level talent cultivation, expedited international cooperative projects, increased academic communication and academic level.

Fig 4 International Cooperation

        By building up the national talent introduction base and the international science and technology cooperation base for new energy vehicle, and sponsoring/undertaking APEC2014, IEEE-ITEC2014, BIT-VE have significantly expanded its international influence and communication.