Energy and Power Engineering

Department of energy and power engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology, was founded in 1952 and mainly engaged in vehicle power system aspects of personnel training and research and development. In 1981, it obtained the first batch of Military Vehicle Engineering (including engine) Master's and doctoral degree granting. In 1993 it had right to confer master and doctoral degree of power machinery and engineering, and to establish postdoctoral research station. In 1999, the major was renamed “thermal energy and power engineering”. In 2002, “power machinery and Engineering” was awarded the national key discipline. Energy and power engineering was named the key undergraduate specialty by the Ministry of industry and information technology in 2013, for the personnel training and scientific research in the field of energy and power engineering in the future. Approved by the College of mechanical and vehicle, thermal energy and power engineering department was renamed the department of energy and power engineering.

Over the past sixty years, we devoted ourselves to the construction of the personnel training system, including the bachelor, master, doctoral and postdoctoral degree, with equal stress on the ability and integrity. Following the education idea of “faster, higher, stronger and creative”, we aim to cultivate innovative talents with higher academic level, stronger engineering ability and more dedication, who can adapt to the society faster. More than 2500 outstanding graduates have been engaged in the building of national defense and all sectors of society, making a great contribution to development of the internal combustion engine industry, especially of the military ground vehicle power system. There are many distinguished graduate representatives, such as Zhang Guogang, the chief engineer of the second-generation tank engine of infantry, Zhang Baozhong, the chief engineer of the third generation tank engine, Zhu Huarong, the president of the Chang’an automobile Ltd., Fan Boyuan, the former vice mayor of Beijing, and Zhao Changlu, the secretary of the Beijing Institute of Technology party committee.

There are 69 teaching and academic staff in the Department of energy and power engineering, including 21 professors, 25 doctoral supervisors, 31 associate professors and senior experimentalists. Among them, 2 of them are distinguished professors in the Thousand Talents Plan, 1 is included in the Thousand Young Talents Plan, 1 of them is awarded by the Beijing Prominent Educator, 2 of them are supported by the program for New Century Excellent Talents in Ministry of Education of China, 2 of them are the National Defense “511” talents, and more than 80% of them have doctoral degree. Besides, there is a Defense Technology Innovation Team for the military vehicle power system, and it is the attached institution of the design and intelligent manufacture chapter, China Society for Internal Combustion Engines.

The main scientific research orientations include:

(1) Mechanical Power Systems Engineering and Control Theory

(2) Combustion, Emission and Environmental Effects of IC Engines

(3) Theory and technology on efficient utilization of new energy

(4) Dynamic Mechanical Structure Strength and Vibration Noise

(5) Turbomachinery and Aero-Thermal Dynamics

(6) Fluid Dynamics and Hydraulic Machinery

There are five professional research institutions, the Institute of Thermal Engineering, the Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics and Engineering, the Institute of Engine, the Institute of Turbomachinery and the Institute of Dynamic Systems Engineering. Professional measurement conditions, including the combustion in internal combustion engines, the unsteady flow, the structural reliability, the pressurization, the thermal fluid and the integration of power transmission system, are provided, which have the ability to conduct the fundamental research, application study and product development.

In Department of energy and power engineering, the Beijing Key Laboratory of Clean Vehicle, the National Defense Key Laboratory of Military Power System Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Key Laboratory of the High Efficiency and Low Emission Combustion Technology, and the National Laboratory of Automobile Power Performance and Emission Test, have been built. The discipline of Clean Energy and Power in the Collaborative Innovation Center for Electric Vehicles has also been constructed. The total assets of the research equipment are nearly 123 million yuan. In recent five years, there are more that 200 projects have been funded, including the national 973 program, the national 863 program, the national natural science foundation of China, the basic research program for national defense and the key equipment program for national defense, with the funding for scientific research 205.7 million yuan been received. More than 900 papers have been published, 116 patents for invention have been authorized, and 19 research and teaching awards have been obtained.

We believe that if you can make things better for one day, you should make them better every day and never stop doing this. In order to realize the Chinese dream to build China into a science and technology giant and the great national renewal, we aim for the world-leading discipline constructions, work together and forge ahead with determination.