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“Unmanned Ground Carrier” Unmanned platform form Beijing IT was invited to participate WRC2017 and has a dynamic display

From 23rd to 27th August 2017, the "World Robot Conference 2017" International Exhibition held which was organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), the Beijing Municipal People's Government, the China Science and Technology Association, the China Electronics Society, the Beijing Municipal Economic and Information Commission, the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone. "Ground Aircraft Carrier" unmanned platform which was researched by School of Mechanical and Vehicle of Beijing IT was invited to participate in the show.


On 23rd August, WRC2017 opening ceremony was held in Beijing. Liu Yandong, CPC Central Committee Political Bureau, Vice Premier, attended and spoke in the ceremony. The theme of WRC in this year is "innovation and entrepreneurship to meet the intelligent society", and consists by three plates, which are the Forum, Expo, Robot Competition. The five-day event brings leading companies and star products from the global robotics industry together, and this conference builds a platform for excellence in the field of robotics, cutting-edge technology and quality products; provides the interaction between robotics and investors. Furthermore, WRC2017 can promote productive, learning, research, of robotics fields and achieve entrepreneurial chain, capital chain, the industrial chain of benign interaction; finally, to promote the development of intelligent manufacturing robot industry.

At the WRC2017, the School of Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering of BIT showed the latest development of the "ground aircraft carrier" unmanned platform second-generation prototype to all the professional visitors. The platform is a military unmanned platform prototype developed by BIT, and its weight is 1.2 tons with good maneuverability, whose maximum speed is 110km / h and in-situ-steering time is only 1.7s. Besides that, this platform has unmanned aerial vehicle - vehicle - agent robot integrated control technology, four hub-motors independent driving technology, independent steering technology, high power density pure electric driving and many other key technologies. Since its first-generation prototype came out in August 2016, it has been concerned by society and media; after that, it was widely reported by more than 10 medias, such as, the "Science and Technology Daily", "China Youth Daily", "Liberation Army Daily", and was reviewed by Li Yuanchao, the National Vice Chairman; Wan Gang, Minister of Science and Technology; and Peng Bo, the PLA deputy commander.


Debut on WRC2017 is the " Unmanned Ground Carrier " second-generation prototype. Based on the first-generation prototype, the second-generation prototype also equipped with the “flying engineers" air autonomy robot, which was research and developed by BIT, and armed UAV and 107 mm patrol which were developed cooperative units. Among of them, the air autonomy robot focus on the task of complex environmental adaptability and operating system intelligence requirements, it can make the agents robots quickly carry out a variety of engineering operations and combat missions to expand into the airspace creativity, especially for military, police, community and different fields to finish contact-type independent operation tasks; armed six-rotor unmanned aerial vehicles which was equipped on the platform has the function of reconnaissance, rescue, armed attack, interception and other functions.  It can be self-cruising 60-90 minutes, and achieve within 500 meters of the explosion Shocks, and tear gas precision launch; besides, fixed-wing UAV which is carrying the 107 mm patrol missile can be used to launch, and this fixed-wing UAV cruise altitude can reach a few kilometers, and can self-patrol fly for a long time to complete the investigation, damage assessment, target combat and other tasks.


The World Robot Conference totally lasted for five days, which was attracting many well-known enterprises in the robot industry exhibitors, and China Central Television, Beijing TV and many other media reported the condition of the conference. "Ground aircraft carrier" unmanned platform was well received by the participants, industry experts, and in the General Assembly's "unmanned system demonstration area" for a five-day running show, and leading comrades highly praised the performances who are from the Ministry of Public Security, Army equipment Minister and other.


"Unmanned combat equipment" is an important direction for the future development of the Army. Beijing Institute of Technology, as a veteran military academy, long-term concern and hard work with unmanned army combat equipment research and development work. Based on the "ground aircraft carrier" unmanned platform, relying on the vehicle transmission of national defense science and technology key laboratory, "special unmanned vehicle student innovation base" which was organized by school of Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering in BIT will continue to deepen the unrelated army equipment key theory and technology research and development work, and we wish we can continue to make new breakthroughs in the field of cutting-edge technology in the future.