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The driverless race car from Beijing IT was shown in Formula Student Germany

On August 13th, the first Formula Student Driverless (FSD) competition ended in Hockenheim F1 stadium, and the first Chinese driverless race car from Beijing IT had wonderful debut in competition. Based on the scientific research strength of autonomous driving technology in Beijing IT, Institute of Mechanical and Vehicle in BIT released the first FSD race car in the world in January 2016, which Independent researched and developed by students; then, they improved technologies according to FSG and took part in FSG successfully.


There were 22 teams from 6 countries who signed up in FSD, such as, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT), Universität Stuttgart, Technische Universität München, RWTH Aachen, ETH Zürich and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Finally, 15 teams were determined to obtain qualification for participating in competition, but we are the only one team form Asia.


In the beginning of competition, weather was capricious in Germany and it was rainy all day. Besides they need to stand the different and cold weather, they didn’t come over jet lag problems and need to get up at 6:00 am from wet tents with just eating something. During competition, they worked all day until to 12:00 pm due to course closed and solved problems in technical inspection. In the process of competition, team had more communication on design and technology with only three teams which participated dynamics events, and they had more thinking and research direction on autonomous driving technology. The leader of AMZ team from ETH Zürich which was the only one finish all events in this competition said, “For autonomous driving, you had a great idea and for a new difficult challenge, you had a good job and see you next year.”

Due some technical problems on software and hardware, there were some difficulties in inspection and members lack of experience for FSG, the travel of Germany became more difficult and hard, however, members were not discouraged and motivated to prepare for the coming events. In mechanical design presentation and autonomous system presentation, all referees approbated our design concepts and ideas on driverless car, and based on test data at home, referees gave many suggestions and ideas which are more innovative; meanwhile, members had much communication with different teams on technology and management of race car, and leaved contact with the leader of KIT, who promised that we will have more communication on team’s development in the future. While the events, lots of enterprises had much interested in team from Beijing IT, such as, Siemens and Continental AG, and wanted to provide some support and corporate with technology on race car.

The 1st FSD in Germany was done and our team was the first one to participate FSG which was represent by China, and had perfect communication with professional referees, engineers in enterprise and team members of different college in the world, which help us to obtain more valuable experience. In the round table meeting of FSD, the leader, Pan Bo, autonomous system responsible, Tian Hanqing and Tian Daiying, who are represent by the team, took part in the meeting and provide some suggestions and direction of development on details of events, and based on the discussion between the committee and team leaders, the competition and events will have better development direction.


Despite the regret in competition and lack of experience in the tournament, the team members of Beijing Institute of Technology Autonomous Race Car Team wore cold weather, work in the rainy, actively prepare for the event, not discouraged, not ddive up and overcome the difficulties. The competition showed a good image of the Beijing IT students, who are persuaded, diligent, and meet with the world-famous schools, and according to discussion and communication with the well-known enterprises in all aspects to enhance the visibility of the school, broaden the horizons of the players. But also for the next work smoothly and in the follow-up events to achieve better results accumulated valuable experience, laid a solid foundation.