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Sino-German Seminar on Engineering Education - ‘New Stage, Creative Collaborations’

Date: 28 May - 29 May, 2017

Hosting University:

Beijing Institute of Technology

Supporting Universities:

RWTH Aachen, Leibniz Universität Hannover, Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg,


Beijing Institute of Technology(BIT) is one of the key universities in China. BIT has been involved in national peering universities programs such as ‘985’ and ‘211’ projects. For decades, BIT has built strong relationships with universities, especially technical universities in the areas of education and scientific cooperation. Every year, there are more than 100 undergraduate students from BIT participating exchange programs to outstanding German Universities, most of them are chosen from school of Mechanical Engineering. To further strengthen the cooperation between BIT and partner universities from Germany, increase the mutual understanding of engineering education systems on both sides, BIT will host a seminar on engineering education. The seminar will invite professors and administrators who have been working in affairs related to undergraduate education and managements, to share their experiences and thoughts, and also shoot some problems and troubles which may occur or have been emerged in the collaboration.


(1) Engineering Education Systems and Methods in German and Chinese Universities, their reforming and developing trends;

(2) Curriculum building in Mechanical Engineering Programs, facts and principles;

(3) Cultivation of practical, innovative abilities of undergraduate students, ways and methods;

(4) Quality control and continues improvements of undergraduate program, syllabus, as well as course outcomes, strategically and technically;

(5) Experiences and problem shooting in management of international students, both degree students and exchange students;

(6) Methods and ways to broaden collaborations on engineering education between German and Chinese Universities;

(7) Other topics related to the theme of the seminar.